Meet The Team

Ms. Veronica Anderson

Director of Geodesign

Ms. Veronica Anderson holds a Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch) from Temple University and a M.S. in Geodesign from Philadelphia University. Her first professional thesis explored the role of architecture in catalyzing sustainable development in informal settlements by using the slums of Lima, Peru as a prototypical site. As a follow-up to this work, she demonstrated how metrics of sustainability and geospatial data can transform the urban planning process in her graduate work which focused on the use of 3D GIS and parametric design.

Veronica has worked in Italy as an architectural intern, in Spain as an educator, and in Philadelphia as a Geodesign Strategist. Her experience as a designer of the urban ecosystem and passion for systems thinking has led her to emphasize the importance of visualizations and geospatial data in decision-making. Veronica is also passionate about advocating for communities and engaging stakeholders in the design process to ensure equity and generate resiliency. As Director of Geodesign, she is responsible for the successful integration of both design and scientific expertise within the Institute, to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Veronica was the recipient of Philadelphia University's 2015 Award for Excellence in Geodesign and received recognition for the best lightning talk at Esri's 2016 Geodesign Summit in Redlands, CA. In 2013 her architectural thesis was also recognized by Temple University's Library Prize for Research on Sustainability & the Environment.

Raised on the beach in Connecticut, Veronica is a happiness advocate and founder of the MindPhilly Wake Up Sangha.